1. Voice [Project Daydream]
    Metil Stone
  2. Fragment
  3. The Fool   [Text]
  4. The Bells   [Text]
  5. I´m Doing Now   [Text]
  6. Gatecrasher[Only An Ace]
  7. Gatecrasher [Biography]




The Fool

The show is over, and the mask is fallen.
He wipes the make-up from his face.
The audience is gone and he is alone.
He looks into the mirror but he doesn’t lose the grace.
The fool – he dies, his smile is away.
What is left is the final play.

and the sun is shining for him.
He watches the moving of clouds
and he feels good, like on wings.
He dreams of the flowerfields
He listens to music in his soul
laughing of children, then awakes the fool.

He likes to be free, free of himself
and false dreams which are tormenting him.
He likes crying out the truth,
but he cannot do it, he cannot win.
His heart is sad, his minds are dull.
What is left is the lonely fool.

Lonely fool – don’tlook back!
Lonely fool – you arent sad!
Lonely fool – lead yourself!
Lonely fool – heaven or hell?

Lay down the mask and then
see the truth in the face. Be strong!
Put the lies in the make-up-box.
Throw it away ! Look it is wrong.
It’s a game without rules.
The world is a house of fools.
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The Bells

Can you feel the sound? Can you hear the bells?
Powerful their tune, messenger and knell.
Don’t ask me why. Don’t ask me now.
Give me a little time, to listen to
the song of bells.

Longing for love, put into the shelf.
Human kind is frozen, we withdraw ourselves.
Don’t ask me why? Don’t ask me now?
Give me a little time, to listen to
the song of bells.

What became of us? Blow up your lock!
Will you be for me like a stroke of the clock?
Don’t ask me why? Don’t ask me now?
Give me a little time, to listen to
the song of bells.

Deep inside is shining a light.
Let it burn. Don´t blight it.
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I´m Doing Now

Hey – I’m singing
about the wind and his sisters.
Hey – I’m telling
about the beauty and might.
Hey – I’m dreaming
from the colors of magic in sunset.
Hey – I’m hearing
the voices of nature at night.

As long as we will feel,
As long as we have hope,
As long as we believe,
is nothing in vain. Don’t grieve!

Hey – I’m calling
the people who are fighting for fairness.
Hey – I’m praying
for the government who tells us lies.
Hey – I’m crying
for the children who are so hungry.
Hey – I’m thinking
of the trees and the forrest, that dies.
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