1. The Old Tree   [Text]
  2. Midges
  3. Desert [Text]
  4. Another Kind Of Lovesong [Text]
  5. Song [Text]
  6. Riverside [Text]
  7. Remember Of Scotland
  8. Who Lives My Life [Text]
  9. The Burial [Text]
  10. Never Mind [Text]
  11. Why [Text]
  12. Ian Ruadh´s Lament


The Old Tree

A hundred years and more, the tree stands on the hill.
Never it was planted, nobody will it kill.
Never all alone, ever in the earth.
Roots strong and firm, place to live for birds.

Can you see the future?
Can you see the years?
It’s a long, long, long time!
Can you feel the past?
Can you feel the tears?
It’s a long, long, long time!

You’ve done it, haven’t you? Have you ever been –
on the tree? What have you seen?
Can you find the heart with the arrow in the bark?
Sign of life – bright and dark.

It’s the same if you stay, it’s the same if you go.
It’s the same whether it rains,
it’s the same whether it snow.
The time is a circle, a memory.
The day will be gone, what is left is the tree.

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In the middle of a stone is no fertility.
At the end of the rage is no harmony.
Behind the madness is no way,
but behind the horizon begins a new day.

Let me fly to the clouds. They are so high.
I don’t need wings. I need the sky.
Let me sink into the ocean, deeply to the ground.
In search of quietness. Maybe, I have found.

We come and go – day in, day out.
We have no time to say goodbye.
Caravan of souls, where do you go?
Voice of desert – glimmer of hope.

Hear the voice of desert in yourself.
Feel the heart of loneliness.
Count the sand! How long is a life?
As long as a moment of eternity.

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Another Kind Of Lovesong

Welcome to the home of my mind.
Tell me what you really find.
Heart and soul are such strange things for me,
I’m two of a kind.

Divided faces of a dream,
gentle echoes of a scream.
Do you believe in destiny, in doubt about the real sense of life,
while seeing pictures on a screen.

Romeo loved Juliet.- This story is old.
Was it true or wasn’t it as we were told.
Lost romance, a boring life
the price they have to pay.
Everybody goes the chosen way.

You know me only by my name.
It amounts to the same.
What is the question to my answer? Tell me, don’t you
know who’s the winner of this game?

This is another kind of lovesong.
Always we like to believe what we really see.
This is another kind of lovesong.
And it´s about You and me.

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Go – through the mist,
between the worlds isn’t grief.
Stay – over the clouds
and listen to the tune of sky.
And say what is longing?
And say what is love?
The rain is coming down,
new nature is born.

If – winter is gone,
spring comes back to my heart.
Don’t wait for me,
because I follow the trace of wind.
And say what is longing?
And say what is love?
Lassie, you’ll be brave,
your dream is my way.

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Look out to the riverside
the waves come from the ocean.
The lifeboat is destroyed
the hours flowed in slow motion.
Look out to the riverside
the stones are very slippery.
Your feeling and your dreams
will drown,wherever you will be.

Be careful on the streets,
the brood lies in waits for you.
Dreams made of dust,
traces of your shoes.
Be careful on the streets,
shadows die without light.
Would you like to go?
You´ll find back to the riverside.

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Who Lives My Life

Hello I am Alice, but it’s not my real name.
I’m waiting for your messages, my friends, to make my frame.
It’s like white bunnies, jumping out.
Some silk-hats first rate and I feel proud.

But. Who lives my life? Who lives my life? Who lives my life?

You can call me everytime,
when ever it could be.
I’m sitting infront of my screen,
move my right hand vehemently.
My friends all haven’t gender,
I call them at any time,
and no one calls in question:

Who lives my life? Who lives my life?

You can call me everywhere, wherever it may be.
Of course I’m walking always
around the same old places.
You and me do not know,
why never you’ll see me,
and no one calls in question:

Who lives my life? Who lives my life?

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The Burial

When I will die – then don’t be sad
come all together – and celebrate this day.
Don’t forget the whisky – I have liked it.
Don’t forget the priest – he had a lot of work.

Don’t speak too bad about me!
Don’t speak too good about me!
And drink a glass for me,
dance around my grave!

Bury me please – between the trees,
where the sunlight – is shining all day.
Laugh above my weakness – make it better than I.
Don’t pinch the flowers – from my grave!

Give me no stone – give me no cross
but give me a thought – and then leave me alone.
Respect the hills – respect the glens,
beware yourself of anger,
then may be I´ll come back!

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Never Mind

One of these days,
ain’t smile on the face,
the rain is dusty and the sun has holidays.
The windowpane is broken,
the birdcage is open.
What will you say, what will you say?


A lot of days are very strong,
what I do, that I do wrong,
my search for sense often ends in the Pub.
The night is lonely, I’m a loner,
I hear music from the corner,
I go through neighbour’s garden and the flowers are my loot.


What is right and what is wrong?
What is short and what is long?
Where is here and where is there?
All in all: I don´t care!

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Why is the sky so dark?
Why are the stones so hard?
Why is the heaven far?
Why is shining a star?

Why we are so sad?
Why is blood always red?
Why do we all blight?
Why do we have so little time?

Why are hate and ice so cold?
Why are heroes never old?
Why is the way so long?
Why did I write this song?

What is time?
What is game?
What is life?
What is fame?

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